KS4 Self-Reliant Journey

17th November 2017

Students attending our KS4 Outdoor Education Course have just completed their first self-reliant journey. They spent part of last term learning navigation skills and working without the direct supervision of adults in order to gain the skills needed for the challenge.

They had to proceed independently on foot and by public transport to Fox Wood near Brimham Rocks whilst carrying all their equipment for a night under the stars, the main challenge being that this took place in darkness, thus increasing the navigation difficulty and sense of isolation.

Having arrived, they constructed their shelters and cooked food on an open fire. We had planned other activities to fill the evening but the students were more than happy to share stories and food around the fire before turning in for bed just after eleven.

The following morning the staff packed up their belongings and left the students (who were still sleeping) with an envelope containing instructions of where they were to be picked up. They managed to pack up and navigate to the pickup point before lunch from where we transported them back to the centre.

We were exceptionally pleased with the student’s commitment, perseverance and problem solving skills throughout what was a difficult task requiring a range of skills and look forward to more outdoor adventures.

Special thanks go to Mr Trower and Mr and Mrs Hamilton for sleeping out in the woods and providing ‘logistical support’ to the challenge.

Mr Turner