Mosaic Workshops at Fountains Abbey

20th February 2018

On 05.02.18 the KS3 pupils enjoyed the mosaic experience at Fountains Abbey, working in the amazing Swanley Barn.  After breakfast at the Grove Academy they had worked on their own images, choosing the changing colours of an oak tree through the seasons as a theme for the day.  Working in pairs they used these pictures to create four mosaics.  Emma and the National Trust volunteer, Marianne taught them; how to place the individual glass pieces, how to select a pleasing and suitable palette and finally how to cut the pieces with pliers in a safe manner if they wanted details within their mosaics.  Mrs Hamilton, Mr Turner and Mr Trower are now experts in this field.  Thank you to them all, for their help.

The following day in the snow, three KS4 pupils thoroughly enjoyed exploring the ruins, sketching and photographing views that would give them inspiration for their mosaics. 

They each produced varied mosaics, all very strong pieces and will help them attain a high grade in their Art GCSE. 

A big thank you to Emma and her team at Fountains Abbey for supporting us on these very special days and allowing us to achieve so much.

Mrs Kersey