The Grove Academy Summer Exhibition 2017

2nd July 2017

On Tuesday 22 June we celebrated the end of this year’s GCSE Art studies.   It gave us a lot of pleasure to view Liam Robertshaw’s work, from Forest Moor School.   Liam was one of our pupils and had produced some of the work in his year 10 placement at The Grove Academy.  Pupils, families and colleagues enjoyed a very relaxed ending to the year, viewing the work together.  

 All the pupils have worked incredibly hard and been focused on achieving their best work.  All four students have produces some very imaginative and colourful art which gives off a lot of energy.  They have been fully engaged with Palimpsest Art and Fountains Abbey Workshops, to choosing an exam question that they could relate to.

I wish all pupils good luck for next year and suggest that they always own a sketch book.

Kate Kersey

Art Teacher