Xīnnián hǎo! Happy Chinese New Year!

1st March 2018

As part of their multi-cultural/SMSC education studies, KS3 students celebrated Chinese New Year on 21.02.17.  The students had a taster of nine different activities- 


  • They studied thought provoking Chinese Maths led by Mr Wilkinson and Mr Haddock.
  • Mr Boyce led a workshop on creative Chinese writing.
  • All the students created a surface using willow and tissue paper and then learnt how to write their horoscopes in Chinese.  
  • Mr Hamilton taught the students how to make Chinese badges using ideas from their horoscopes. 
  • Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Wilkinson taught the students how to make Chinese dishes.
  • Mr Kitson created amusing but thought provoking Confucius Said art.
  • Mr Bentley made the pupils very excited by teaching them how to make Chinese Fireworks.
  • Mrs Wilkinson taught the pupils how to plant herbs which can be used in Chinese cooking.
  • The pupils also enjoyed the Chopstick competition at break time.


At the end of our day the groups came together to taste the Chinese food prepared by the pupils as well as discussing what they had made. 


I would like to give a big thank you to all staff for working so hard to make this a successful day.


Mrs Kersey

Art Teacher