About the Academy

Welcome to The Grove Academy.

We are a secondary Alternative Provision Academy that provides full and part-time education and support for children and young people who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to access mainstream education.

Inclusion is at the heart of everything that we do and we have a renowned reputation for working positively and purposefully with young people and their families to support them through periods of difficulty and challenge. Our motto, ‘A Chance to Succeed’ is extremely important to us: our expectations of all who work here, staff and students, are extremely high!

Our goal is to provide all children and young people with an appropriate and carefully considered range of opportunities. This enables them to gain personal fulfilment through learning by developing positive self-esteem and helps them unlock their academic potential. By taking into account the wider social and emotional needs of each individual, all staff work exceptionally hard to transform students’ motivation and develop the whole child spiritually, emotionally, morally, socially and intellectually. Much of our work involves liaison with a wide range of other agencies in order to ensure that our youngsters, and their families, are appropriately supported. We have excellent working relationships with our mainstream schools and support the reintegration of learners into full time education into school, further education or employment.

Through the delivery of a broad, balanced, and personalised curriculum we strive to maximise each student's potential. We tailor our curriculum to meet need and offer opportunities for all students to be creative, reflective and independent in order to improve their life chances. Interaction with others, participation and teamwork are strongly encouraged and opportunities are delivered through a range of approaches. In addition to building on a student’s prior achievement, we manage behaviour consistently in a safe, supportive and stimulating environment. Staff work closely with students and their families to help them develop effective strategies to cope with conflict, anger, stress and anxiety and demonstrate the importance of acceptable and appropriate behaviour.

In order to achieve our vision, we work purposefully with students, parents, carers and other professionals and organisations to:

  • Respect and value each other and work cooperatively
  • Promote opportunities for all through a challenging and appropriate curriculum
  • Develop an understanding of our strengths and weaknesses and increase self-respect and self-discipline
  • Foster an appreciation and understanding of the core values of truth, hard work, compassion and consideration
  • Enable students to accept greater personal responsibility for their own actions.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to access nationally recognised accreditations

Additionally, North Yorkshire Local Authority commissions us to deliver high quality education to children and young people who require educational provision when they are unable to attend school for medical reasons. Extremely vulnerable children and young people make excellent academic progress under our care, because we work well with parents/carers and other professionals to design personalised programmes.

During 2012/13 we worked closely with the DfE to become an Early Implementer for Initial Teacher Training (ITT) in Pupil Referral Units and Alternative Provision. Looking to the future, we aim to develop our establishment and expertise further to ensure that our children and young people stand the best possible chance of achieving their full potential.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or member of the leadership team.

Mr John Warren -  Principal